Rules??! Of course there are rules. You don't want anarchy, do you?

We want to keep things simple and fun, so everyone can participate, but also vintage and fair. We have borrowed many of our minibike and kart rules from the Vintage Karting Association, but without the strict adherence to vintage equipment.


Racers must be 18 years old or older, with a valid drivers' license and must sign track and event waivers. We are thinking about allowing kids under 18 to allow in limited kart-only classes in the morning. Let us know what you think, yea or nay.

  • Vintage (1956-1985)
  • No bodies, body panels, or roll bars or cages
  • No mopeds, gopeds, pocket bikes, etc - vintage minibikes only!
  • No Yerfdogs, buggies, etc
  • No 2-seater karts
  • Air-cooled
  • You MUST run a muffler or silencer. The county has a strict 95 dB limit at the property line and it will be enforced at the track with a decibel meter.
  • No transmissions or gears; no shifter karts 
  • No motorcycle engines


  • You must demonstrate that you have working brakes and steering, and can safely handle your vehicle
  • No fluid leaks
  • Full-face helmet with a Snell 2010 or newer rating (kart [k], motorcycle [m], or racing [sa] are OK)  - see below
  • Neck brace (see below)
  • Abrasion-resistant jacket (race purpose, leather, denim, etc, but the more durable the better, especially on a minibike!!)
  • Long pants (to the ankle) of durable material (denim, etc)
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Full finger, abrasion-resistant gloves
  • Hair protruding more than 4" from the helmet must be secured under the helmet

Snell rated helmets can be purchased new starting at about $50, or used online starting at $20, or you can rent one from the track (Concept Haulers) for $5, or FREE if you borrow one from a friend. A racer last year would have left in an ambulance had he not been wearing the correct helmet. Racing is dangerous!

Neck braces sell for about $25-35 new, or you can rent one from the track for $5. These protect your collar bone in case your head takes a hit.

You will have TWO opportunities for tech inspection: 8-10am and 12-12:30pm. No inspection, no racing (not even practice laps).

When you arrive at the track, you will need to walk into the registration booth near the road. There you will sign some waivers, register your machine (s), receive a number(s), or better yet have a 1 or 2 digit number already in place, and pay the fee.

You are also going to need a way to identify your vehicle on the track. This means you must secure a number plate to your handlebars, chassis, or somewhere that the officials can easily see it as you approach. You can purchase these from the track for around $1, or several places sell them online for between $5 and $10, or make your own. You will be assigned a number when you register.

If you have questions, please contact us at markdemian@aol.com

Racing Conduct and Ettiquette
Racing is a "gentleperson" sport. Those conducting themselves inappropriately will be warned once, then asked to leave...TRACK RULES AND OFFICIALS WILL BE TREATED WITH RESPECT. THANK YOU....THIS IS A "FOR FUN" EVENT AND BRAGGING RIGHTS

If the event is canceled due to rain, we will try to reschedule it.

Kart 1: Single rear engine
Kart 2: Dual rear engine
Kart 3: Side mounted engines

Minibike 1: Flatheads
Minibike 2: Clones, modifieds

CLASSES MAY BE MODIFIED based on race day entries. At the very least, racers will be divided into two main classes: Minibikes and Go Karts. 

Questions? Comments? Death threats? Send 'em to us at... markdemian@aol.com

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